Civil Discourse and Our Democracy: The Power of Language


Location: Mexican Heritage Plaza

Recently Latino poet Martin Espada stated: “We live in an age of hyper-euphemism, from alt-right to alternative facts.  The makers of these phrases bleed language of its meaning, they drain the blood from words.”  Whether your concern is how language has drifted towards political correctness or lead to the alternative truths, leaders must play a role in helping to build meaningful language. 

In our time together we will focus on the space leaders need to create to explore words, and the power of leaders to create fertile ground for change through the dialogues they construct.  Through the use of drumming, lecture and small group break-outs, we will look at how experiences shape the meaning we hold for words and impact dialogue. We will play with words and explore the similarities and differences in the uses of these words, based on the diverse experience and unconscious bias that underscore these differences.

Additionally, we will look to how the power of art, music, creative expression and embodied wisdom, through the empowering vibration of Taiko (the Japanese drum) creates space for connection and openness.  

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