Leadership Circle

Leadership Circle members are our top supporters, committing to a contribution of $50,000 annually for three years. Leadership Circle members allow us to offer scholarships to non-profits and public sector Fellows, as well as support meaningful impact work in the Valley by leveraging the ALF network.

In a time of increasing diversity and complexity, we are witnessing a strengthening polarity severely compromise our society’s ability to solve problems. There are few places for the public to engage in real dialogue; respect for diverse opinions has been overshadowed by an “us” vs. “them” mentality; a desire to win has eclipsed the desire to create common good solutions.

American Leadership Forum – Silicon Valley is working to change this divisive culture by creating and activating 21st century networks that are diverse, built on constructive relationships, leader-full and champions of dialogue. But, this work is hard. It takes time, commitment, courage. And resources. ALF needs the financial support of optimistic visionaries like you to take these challenges on.

ALF provides up to $150,000 in scholarships each year to leaders who are not able to cover the costs of tuition, ensuring that each class reflects the incredible diversity of Silicon Valley.

Leadership Circle members receive recognition:

  • In ALF’s annual Impact Report
  • At the annual Exemplary Leadership Celebration
  • In the ALF newsletter
  • On ALF’s website
  • During ALF’s podcast, The Dialogue

In addition, Leadership Circle members receive a table at the Exemplary Leadership Celebration and invitations to private donor events.


To join the Leadership Circle, please contact CEO Suzanne St. John-Crane at 408-554-2005 l Suzanne@alfsv.org