EdNet May 5, 2017 Meeting: “Resource Allocation is Equity”


Location: SCC Office of Education: Milpitas Room

The focus of this dialogue is to discuss how the allocation of resources in the education space is an expression of our values and commitment to kids and families of color. The loss of critical programming like free and reduced lunch and after school programs greatly impacts an already stressed population that is statistically behind academically as compared to their peers.


  • Boys and Men of Color Alliance (Jordan Thierry, Education Policy)
  • Evolved California (Ben Grieff, Campaign Director and Spokesperson)
  • Children Now (Samantha Tran, Senior Managing Director Education)
  • Catholic Charities Franklin McKinley Children’s Initiative (Elizabeth Alvarez, Director of FMCI/Sara Reyes, Senior Division Director)
  • Muhammed Chaudhry, CEO of Silicon Valley Education Foundation to moderate

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