EdNet September 2017 Quarterly Meeting



How Does Unconscious Bias Impact Equity in Education?

Bias is the natural consequence of how our minds use the past to create understanding/meaning in the present and to project that meaning into future action. The challenge is that much of how the past influences what information we see and what mindsets and beliefs we are putting forward is often hidden from us; a dynamic we all call unconscious bias.

How can we hope to build new futures when we carry around old thinking? How do we build new systems when the olds are so deeply rooted in our unconscious biases around race and class?

We will look at how to practically apply this work in the world of social change, with a huge focus on the social dynamics of bias in assessing and changing systems. We will use our talk together to advance our personal capacity to see our own bias as a lever for learning and change and to see how we are using this thinking to advance our capacity to lead social change.

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