Community Transformation

As a part of ALF’s Theory of Change, ALF is putting a large stake in the ground. We believe through the work and leadership of the ALF network, we can transform the most challenging issues currently facing our community. To that end, we have four ways that Fellows and Senior Fellows can engage in the work of community transformation:  Design Labs, Affinity Groups, Innovation Network Initiatives, BIG Ideas.

  • Design Labs: Where does the ALF network want to have impact, and how? These two hour design sessions will dynamically gather the participants thoughts and ideas about the big work of ALF. Results from the labs will be reviewed by staff and board and shared across the network. If you are interested in shaping this work, please contact Jenny Niklaus at to get started.
  • Affinity Groups: These groups emerge out of the relationships that are created within classes and across the larger ALF network. This is where the ideas begin for larger community change. Learn more about affinity groups here.
  • Innovation Network Initiatives: These represent the larger projects that developed out of the Education and Urban Innovation Networks. While they began in these specific networks, participation is open to all Fellows and Senior Fellows that have an interest in moving this work forward.  Learn about the Urban Innovation Network, and the Education Innovation Network.
  • BIG Ideas: These represent the larger work ALF wishes to engage in to address social justice, racism and inequity. In the FY 17-18, two possible initiatives will be identified by the network through Design Labs held in early 2017.