ALF-IN: School Board Leader Academy

santa-clara-officeSBLA Background: The School Board Leader Academy was born out of ALF’s 68 Senior Fellow strong Education Network. The program was launched in September of 2016 in partnership with the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

SBLA Vision: To offer a leadership development program that will provide training on the critical role of governance within the education space to newly elected, appointed, or current school board members in both the neighborhood and charter school space.

The SBLA will focus on both relationship-building as well as instruction on Board governance and leadership in education. This will be structured with one two-day meeting and four quarterly full day meetings. ALF will lead the 2-day meeting as well as facilitate the quarterly meetings. This program will be done in partnership with the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) as a 48 hour certification program.

Program Outcomes

SBLA participants report:

  • An increase in their ability as leaders to effectively work with their school board and superintendent;
  • Adopting one skill from the ALF-IN training that they use on a regular basis with their school board or superintendent;
  • Increased satisfaction in how their school board engages in dialogue and solves problem;
  • An increase in their ability as leaders to work effectively with all internal and external stakeholders in the school district, including bargaining units, parents and the broader community.

Interested in learning more about the School Board Leader Academy? Email VP of Innovation Networks Jenny Niklaus.