Education Innovation Network

Over the course of three years four classes were convened, pulling from a diverse set of leaders including educators, administrators, community and nonprofit leaders as well as representatives from public, private and charter schools. They were tasked with the sole purpose of creating reform in the Education System. Fellows asked themselves the following critical questions:

  • How will we take the best of what we have, transform the rest, and create an education system that inspires 21st century students to reach their potential?
  • How will we move what is standing in our way of a visionary future?
  • How will we pave the paths to carry success from one place to another?
  • How will WE change, so that our children can fulfill their dreams?

Current EdNet Prototypes and Projects

    • Illustrate the strength and number of relationships within the Education Innovation Network before and after the ALF experience;
    • Identify people who are significant influencers within the network;
    • Identify people who are key actors within and outside the network as related to the key elements of our larger map of the education system.
  • Mindfulness East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD): ALF lead a convening with local funders that resulted in $378k worth of funding over three years to establish mindfulness in all 13 of ESUHSD’s high schools.
  • School Board Leader Academy (SBLA): The SBLA is designed to provide practical support and leadership development to those that serve on local school boards. These classes are held in partnership with the Santa Clara County Office of Education. Learn more about the SBLA here.
  • Editorial: Student Success: This editorial was written by the members of Class XXXII to highlight the critical need for highly competent teachers and the importance of a school being able to easily move on less competent teaching staff.

ALF Story of Impact -Raul Lomeli