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Affinity groups are defined as a group that comes together, formally or informally, through a common interest or goal. For the ALF Network, affinity groups serve the purpose of engaging our Fellows and Senior Fellows around areas of personal growth, professional development, or personal passion. From these groups we hope to see the development of larger community impact as well as the development of a deeper relationship with others in the network.

Senior Fellows are encouraged to create or join ALF Affinity Groups that connect network members across classes on interests and community issues. ALF will assist in convening members, tracking work and suggesting new members. This is where ideas may begin for larger community change.

Affinity Groups open to new members:

  • Faith Leaders: A group of Senior Fellows – both faith leaders and lay people – meeting monthly. Using the lens of faith, this affinity group commits to shining a light on bigotry in all its forms and highlighting the power of our shared humanity; creating a space that allows for meaningful dialogue in order to heal the fracture of perceived difference; and educating and bringing awareness to critical issues facing our valley, in particular the needs of those that are poor and homeless.
  • Nonprofit CEO Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: This group came together to create a place of safety for nonprofit CEOs to dialogue about their roles in bringing diversity, equity and inclusion, in a meaningful way, to their organizations. The group has as a primary goal to dismantle white supremacy through deeply understanding personally and professionally how it is expressed through their work. In addition, they are working to craft a code of “Allyship” and sharing resources to support an honest dialogue.
  • Life’s Work Transitions: Founded by Naomi Fine (Class XX) and Meri Maben (Class XXIV) the Life’s Work Transitions Affinity Group for Senior Fellows meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 3:30-5:30 in the Palo Alto area.

Affinity Groups in the works:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Gentrification
  • Los Gatos Senior Fellows
To form / join an ALF Affinity Group, or add an existing Senior Fellows / Affinity Group to our list, contact Chief Impact Officer Jenny Niklaus.



ALF Faith Leaders Group Retreat, 2016