Hire ALF

Often as a part of our work with Fellows and Senior Fellows, there is a desire to bring the ALF facilitation skills to a participant’s team or community group. To that end, ALF is able to provide both one-day facilitated events as well as multi-day customized gatherings. As a part of the facilitation, coaching with the team lead and individual team leaders is available. All services will be individually tailored to the needs of the Fellow or Senior Fellow.

To learn more or to plan your gathering, please contact Jenny Niklaus at jniklaus@alfsv.org.



First Day Session: Mindfulness

The first day will focus on principles and practices of mindfulness. Participants will experience a variety of mindfulness practices and commit (or re-commit) to simple practice/s to maintain focus and poise as a leader.

Second Day Session
: Personal Narrative

The second day will focus on personal narrative. Participants will learn each other’s stories through the “seven-minute talk.” This core ALF process is foundational to relationship building within the cohort. The exercise clarifies the distinct source of each individual’s passion to lead.

Third Day Session
: Dialogue

Participants will learn ALF’s model for effective conversation which is inclusive of different viewpoints, generates group intelligence, and leads to smart decisions with maximum buy-in.

Fourth Day Session: 
Networks and System Change

Participants will learn ALF’s network leadership model and apply the model to their own networks.

Fifth Day Session: Personal and Collective Leadership Stance

Participants will:

Sixth Day Session
: Leadership In Context & Taking Stock

Participants will take a close look at their personal and collective leadership stance and create plans for the future through a process designed to highlight critical personal learnings.

The cost structure for ALF’s services is based solely on facilitation of the program, administrative support and other expenses. The number of facilitators is based on the needs of the group, group size and cost threshold for the group. Please contact Chief Impact Officer Jenny Niklaus for more information and to design your ALF experience: 408-554-2011  l   jniklaus@alfsv.org.