ALF is passionately committed to building diverse networks of leaders focused on personal and community transformation in order to create an inclusive and thriving Silicon Valley.

The Classic Fellows Program

American Leadership Forum-Silicon Valley’s Fellows program is creating a strong regional network of key leaders across private, public and nonprofit sectors, as well as bridging ethnic, gender and geographic boundaries.

Characterized by its focus on the human capacity for collective intelligence and how people are in relationship to each other, the ALF program begins a process of uncovering the principles of a different kind of leadership. When people who represent high achievement in different spheres of influence come together to learn and think, their creative and problem-solving power as a group can lead to highly effective coordinated action.

Program graduates – called Senior Fellows – are empowered to serve as catalysts in their communities, bringing stakeholders from other sectors together to collaboratively address the most urgent public concerns. In ALF Founder Joseph Jaworski’s words, Senior Fellows are thus able to “break legislative and bureaucratic gridlock and get things done.”

Each year, ALF’s Classic Fellows Program brings together twenty-five Silicon Valley leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives for an intense one-of-a-kind leadership development experience.

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Urban Innovation Network

The Urban Innovation Network (UIN) has been funded by the Knight Foundation and is focused on the development and activation of San Jose and the downtown core. Over the course of three years, four classes will be convened pulling on a diverse set of leaders from across the urban spectrum. This includes representation from the following: City of San Jose, nonprofits, faith communities, community activists and private corporations. The inaugural class will begin May 2015. As classes come together they ask themselves the following critical questions:

  • Aspiration: How can San Jose shift over time from “suburban to more urban” to create a better future city? What will ‘urban’ be like in San Jose?
  • Downtown: How can we reinforce the important position of Downtown as the urban center of the South Bay and key gateway to the Bay Area?
  • Central San Jose: How can we connect, activate and promote the neighborhoods and assets surrounding Downtown?
  • Urbanists: How will we change, as champions of this transition, so that we can realize the vision of a vibrant, magnetic downtown?

Urbanism XL, the fourth and final class is being seated for a start date of March 2017.

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