Silicon Valley Collaborative for Reform


Reviving California is committed to hosting 50 dialogues and would like to help your group organize a dialogue session. It’s easy to arrange, just email or call 408-554-2000 to schedule.


The purpose of the Collaborative is to create a “network of networks” with leaders of existing organizations in Silicon Valley to leverage existing frameworks for community outreach in order to: ENGAGE – EDUCATE – EMPOWER the Silicon Valley community relating to the topics of:

  • REFORM 2012 & BEYOND

In order to have a community where its members are willing to take personal responsibility for making a difference, the first step is to ensure that a community is engaged and not completely disconnected, especially in dealing with complex issues such as reforming California. Using the power of dialogue, the Collaborative will explore what comprehensive reform means to Silicon Valley and why it is important to be engaged.


  • Embrace responsibility & opportunities available through active participation in democracy
  • Engage in California governance & fiscal reform efforts
  • Inform, engage in, & explore issues from multiple perspectives
  • Increase engagement among constituencies traditionally disconnected from mainstream politics
  • Help elected officials break out of silos & develop collaborative, regional approach