The Search for Truth

Christie Hardwick, Class XIV

Inspiration Gatherings

Founder, Facilitator, Spiritual Guide

“If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true-really is true- then there would be little hope for advance”. Orville Wright- American Inventor

Discerning what is true today is increasingly a challenge.  The concept of “fake news” and the practice of “astro turfing” (creating false personas and/or organizations to perpetrate specific ideas on the world wide web) are daily occurrences.

Where does a leader go to find truth from which to lead?  Where is true north in a sea of contradictions?  Where does a leader begin when a pile of problems seem endless and insurmountable?

For every major topic of discussion today we have to ask ourselves these questions.  We hear opposing views on climate disruption but we have to have our own point of view.  We need our own point of view on poverty and the ever widening wealth gap.  What is our thought on the correlation with gun ownership and gun violence?  What is my idea of an appropriate response to racial violence, police militarization and mass incarceration?  What do I see?

We sometimes want to leave it to the experts and when experts disagree we tend to be paralyzed in our confusion and just go on with our lives.

Continual by standing is not acceptable for conscious, caring leaders today.  Having a point of view is necessary.  Having a world view is necessary.  Do you agree with the continued embargo in Cuba, do we think the Russian interference investigation is serious and should take precedence in our elected officials dialogue?  With each leader having a point of view it is possible for unified, harmonized responses to be revealed.  Why?

Each of us is a co-creator in our society.  It is my world view that: “We are all made of the same stuff, what each of us thinks, says and does matters to the whole”.  As I voice my views and I encounter others views- I learn and I refine and I continue to grow.  If I keep all of my views within myself or in my circle of comfort and consensus, there is no growth opportunity for any of us.

What if like Orville we are willing to challenge the status quo. Challenge appearances, currently known facts and conclusions?  Even though we cannot see how our society can lifted up we can decide that it is possible.  Even though we don’t have the right answer or maybe even the right idea we can continue to be in the conversation.  We can roll up our sleeves, design, redesign, over and over until a greater idea can take flight.  What is your world view?