COVID-19 Resource Page: A Call for ALF Senior Fellow Leadership and Solidarity

Our cross-sector ALF network was made for moments like this when our community urgently needs collaboration across sectors, relationships and shared resources to address inequities, and leadership for the common good! We are all dealing with the unexpected impact of Covid-19 and have set up this page for Senior / Fellows that either need or want to help. We will be updating this regularly. If you would like to add / update information, please contact


Please GIVE GENEROUSLY to support those hardest hit by this health and financial crisis.

Consider donating to local organizations you already support or have appreciated but never supported until now – don’t wait for their year-end appeals, support them now even more! 

Arts organizations are having to close their doors, losing ticket sales, space rentals and revenue from season passes. ALF Senior Fellows are associated with these organizations, if you are interested in contributing via their websites:

Community service nonprofits are also impacted as they try to sustain valuable programs while not being able to meet grant contract deliverables under current conditions, having concerns with paying staff who may be forced to work limited hours, and being forced to cancel fundraising events that are critical to their operations.

Here are some of the organizations that have had to cancel or postpone their major fundraising events:



Frontline safety net organizations have critical volunteer needs especially for safe food distribution. Please note, protocols are continuously changing.  We will update this info as things develop.

Nonprofits are also in need of pro bono expertise such as:

  • Technology to work virtually
  • Financial, HR and legal guidance, e.g. applying for loans, risk management, etc.

Sign up here through Joint Venture Silicon Valley – Russell Hancock (XX) will help connect you with nonprofit organizations in coordination with SVCN: Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits – Kyra Kazantzis (XXXVI)



In addition to direct monetary donations to nonprofits serving the community, you can send delivered meals to the dedicated staff and volunteers who are providing “essential services” to our most vulnerable community members.  Click here to sign up.

Or donate to Feed the Frontline created by Ryan Sebastian, Moveable Feast (XXXVIII) in partnership with Jim Reber, San Jose Parks Foundation (XXXVI) to keep food truck workers working while providing meals to hospital nurses and housing keeping staff as well as nonprofit frontline staff and volunteers.



Social service organizations, like food banks and homeless shelters, desperately need masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, Clorox/alcohol-based wipes and other cleaning supplies with alcohol as well as laptops.  Email to let us know what supplies you can donate, and we’ll help you coordinate delivery in partnership with SVCN.

Unity Care seeks donations of cash, gift cards, and furniture/household items for foster youth who have recently moved into Unity Care apartments – Andre Chapman (XXIII)

YWCA of SV seeks donations of diapers, baby formula, toilet paper, etc. for their shelter and childcare. Click here for more details. Schedule a delivery: 408.295.4011 x1002 – Tanis Cosby (XXXIII), Naomi Nakano-Matsumoto (XXIV)

Healthier Kids Foundation seeks donations of tablets, diapers, etc. – Kathleen King (XVII)


See OpEds/columns/podcasts by Senior Fellows about how we can all help:

Dr. Robert Pearl (XVII), Permanente Medical Group:

Kyra Kazantzis, SVCN: Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (XXXVI): Nonprofits Need Extra Help to Survive This Pandemic 

Sal Pizzaro, Mercury News (XXXVI): Coronavirus Pushing Arts and Nonprofit Groups to the Edge

Michele Lew (XXI), Sarita Kohli (XXXV), with Richard Konda: Stand up to Racism Emerging from Pandemic


“So, while everyone is practicing social distancing, perhaps we should also make this a time of practicing social reassurance. Even though we’re physically distancing, what if we each found ways to cut the emotional distance? What if each of us radically changed how we view those who are different from us? Instead of shutting our neighbors out, imagine if we called them up to say hello. What if we gathered up some of that food we grabbed off the grocery store shelves and shared it with someone who couldn’t afford to panic shop? What if we each dug into our interior selves and radically shifted old beliefs that have only added to our divide? What if our radical change in behavior involved all of us actually working together to mend our divide?”
– Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper.